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We are sad to announce the end of The Fix Ups. Due to personal reasons it has been decided upon that The Fix Ups will no longer perform, record, or create any material.

All of The Fix Ups back catalogue has been removed from online digital services and for the foreseeable future the only way to now hear any previously released tracks is to purchase a hard copy of The Fix Ups self titled Debut Album.
Released in 2018, there are a limited number of CD’s available.
Get yours now to own a piece of Melbourne music history.


Check out Bruha Bee, the solo project from Marlene Samson.
Her debut single ‘Give You The Stars’ was released November 2019.


The Fix Ups were an electro-synth-pop duo featuring dreamy vocals and lo-fi production.

Meeting during a music degree, Marlene Samson and Nikos Shannon instantly clicked and collaborated on various musical projects. They eloped to America driving over 13,000 kms and playing in DIY house concerts and drive bars.

In 2019 The Fix Ups debut album was released. This was a collection of tracks paying homage to their electro funk rock American chapter. Now they are embarking on a different ship and sailing across dark waves of synth pop and 80’s sounding beats.

Coming from extremely different life experiences and cultural background, the duo have tenaciously stuck together to create their new single ‘ Enter your soul’. A juxtaposition of a mesmerising track which has battled through stormy seas of severe mental health illness almost shattering the collaborative vessel. The process for the duo is a continuous conjuring and healing from the profound depths of human psyche. The Fix Ups provide enamoured lyrics, homogeneous dancey beats, hearty synth lines, and otherworldly vocals.

The Fix Ups venture toward a more electronic realm, taking with them their funky bass riffs and jazz-like palettes. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Drama, Joe Goddard, Toro y moi, Men I Trust.

They have played on festival lineups include Folk, Rhythm, and Life festival and Renaissance Festival. Tracks off their debut album gained radio airplay across Australia, and were the recipients of ‘Band of the Month’ on Emerging Indie Artists. In 2020 The Fix Ups called it quits due to personal reasons.